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  1. FIRST STEP - UNDERSTAND OUR FORMULA: Our betting formula is based on special combination of statistics that can predict the most possible outcome of the match and most importantly can predict % chance of 1X2 (home win, draw and away win). We can then compare those % with a real odds and find a valuable bet to reach a long term profit. It also counts with a home field advantage. Unfortunately our formula can not count with some aspects that can affect the game outcome like injuries of key players, tough schedule, travelling, fatigue and motivation. Keep reading the next step for more know how.
  2. SECOND STEP - CHOOSE A LEAGUE: We highly recommend to choose a league wich is familiar to you. It can be a league from your country where you live or a league you follow and have informations about it.
  3. THIRD STEP - FIND A BETTING OPPORTUNITY: So we have our league chosen and now we have to find a betting opportunity for a long time profit. It does not mean that if you find a match in our prediction with a 3:0 score it is a good bet. You need to find a VALUE in your bet for a long time profit. 
  4. FOURTH STEP - FIND A VALUE BET: The most important thing is to find a value to be profitable in a long term. The best way to show you how to find a value based on our formula prediction is an example. We recommend you to look on 1X2 % prediction than onto the correct score. Lets say we have a match between Manchester City and Chelsea. The 1X2 % prediction is 50 % on Manchester City win, 25 % on a DRAW and 25 % on a Chelsea win. According to that % prediction we can make our odds simply by dividing 100 by those percentages. So a Manchester City win odds will be 100/50 = 2,00, DRAW odds will be 100/25 = 4,00 and a Chelsea win will be 100/25 = 4,00. So now we made our predicted odds 2,00 - 4,00 - 4,00. The next step is to compare these predicted odds to the real odds. Lets say the real odds from bookmaker are 1,80 - 4,00 - 4,50. As you can see betting on Manchester City with 1,80 odds is not profitable on a long term because real odds are lower than our predicted odds (1,80 < 2,00). Betting on a draw is also not profitable in a long term because the real odds are the same as our predicted (4,00 = 4,00). But betting on Chelsea looks very profitable because real odds are higher than our predicted odds (4,50 > 4,00). So It looks like we found a value bet on Chelsea. The higher the predicted odds are compared to real odds the bigger the value is and we can expect higher profit in a long term betting. So based on that prediction and odds comparing we can continue with a Chelsea bet. But of cours we have to check some other informations before we place the bet.
  5. FIFTH STEP - CHECK THE PROBABLE LINE UP AND MISSINGS: There is a lot of pages where you can find probable line ups and missings. It is important to asure that the team you want to bet on (in our case Chelsea) does not have important missings and will play in great line up.
  6. SIXTH STEP - CHECK THE MOTIVATION: Of course you need to asure that the team you want to bet on has a motivation to win the game at least same as the opponent. Also check that there is no more important game for the team in a few days after your betting match.
  7. SEVENTH STEP - CHECK THE SCHEDULE AND FATIGUE: Sometimes happens that a team has a tough schedule (played a lot of games in a few days) and that is the way when fatigue can show up.
  8. EIGHT STEP - DONT BE AFRAID OF HIGH ODDS AND UNDERDOGS: It does not mean that If you bet on favorites you will be profitable in a long term. In that case you should not be affraid of betting underdogs - the point is to FIND A VALUE = HIGHER ODDS (in our case 4,50) FROM BOOKMAKERS THAN PREDICTED ODDS (in our case 4,00). That is the only way to be profitable in a long term. If you do not like the high odds you can go with a handicap for the team that has a VALUE.
  9. NINTH STEP - BE PATIENT: If you are going for a VALUE BETS it can sometimes take longer to get the profit so be patient and do not give up. Also study bankroll management.
  10. RECAPITULATION: Choose a league you have informations about and open our prediction table with this league. Then compare predicted odds to a real odds. Did you find some VALUE? Then continue with that game and try to find as much info as possible - line ups, injuries, motivation, fatigue and so on. Everything looks OK? Then make a BET! Evrything is not ok? Then skip the BET and wait for a better ones. PATINET IS THE KEY to be SUCCESSFUL!
  11. SOMETHING UNCLEAR? If there is something unclear and you need help - do not hesitate to contact us (email, facebook, instagram) and we will try to help you to solve your problem.

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